My Top 5 Recommendation of Books To Read

I don’t know about you but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read books.  Any kind of book that I can that will teach me about business, entrepreneurship and expanding my mind to learning is always a win win for me. I try to read anywhere from 1 – 2 books a month. And that isn’t a lot of book believe it or not. I own a lot of books but I am also going to my library to rent books too. Yep, I am a proud owner of a library card in this world of tablets and reading devices. Oh, I also use those too but I still like reading the real deal and the feel of holding a book and flipping the pages.


There are so many books out there to read and learn from so I am going to give you 5 of the books that I have read and I think you would learn so much about how to run a business and personal development.


The first book is called The E Myth” by Michael Gerber. This book opened my eyes so much about building a business. Michael talks about the difference between working on your business vs in your business. I don’t know about you but when I first heard that statement I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. So let me give you an example. Most entrepreneurs spend their time working in their business. In other words they are just another employee in their business. You know doing all of the manual work like sweeping and mopping the floors, taking orders, ordering supplies, doing the books in their business, etc.

E Myth

Successful entrepreneurs work on their business not in their business. In other words they are doing activities that make the business grow like marketing the business, attending conferences and networking, activities that make the business run. And he talks about systems in your business That is so powerful!!! I can’t tell you how powerful having systems in your business can make a difference and change you like for the better. And listen, the book is an easy read.





The next book I would recommend is “3 Simple Steps” by Trevor C. Blake.
3 Simple Steps  This book is written in a straightforward way. It shows you how to take back control of your destiny and also how to reshape your mind for creativity, and achievement. I love how Trevor talks about his mother in this book and her strong will and determination. This is a must-read guide for everyone who wants to achieve more and live better and be happy.






This book “Now What? 90 Days To A New Life Direction” by Laura Berman Fortang Now What is for anyone who is searching for a change in their life. Weather you are moving from a dead end job, discovering something entirely new that you want to do with your life, or answering the age old question “What Am I Meant To Do With My Life?” This book provides a clear and practical 90-day program that can help you make major changes in your life.






“Networking For People Who Hate Networking” by Devora Zack Networking for people who hate networking is a book for people who are introverts. That would be me. How many other introverts are there that is reading this post? This book shatters stereotypes about people who dislike networking. It goes into details about how a introvert person thinks and acts at a networking event. Zack  examines and then smashes to tiny fragments the “dusty old rules” of standard networking advice. A must read for introverts who always feel out of place or don’t know what to do or say at a networking event.





And the final book is “Profit First A simple System To Transform Any Business From A Cash-Eating Monster To A Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz.
Mike will show you a Profit Firstaccounting plug-in that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine. It’s about finance and how to get you out of panic mode of living check-to-check and makes sure your business becomes wildly and most important PERMANENTLY profitable. Who doesn’t want to know that.




So there you have it. I hope that you read at least 2 of these 5 books that I have recommended. Let me know which book you chose to read and  and leave me a comment below letting me know what you learned from it. Also feel free to share this post with anyone who you think needs to know this information.


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