Wanda Schlafly

Wanda Schlafly was a Supply Chain Manager at Nestle in a Butterfinger factory in Franklin Park, IL for 15 years. Working at Nestle was very stressful and it just took too much out of her which caused her to leave the corporate field. Wanda had no set plan when she left. She jumped out on faith and found her way by trying different things. What really got Wanda focused was taking a business planning class at Score to help her get clear on her vision. She wanted to start a business where she didn’t have employees and be on her own schedule and timeline. She also teaches seniors citizens how to use iPad’s in assisted living facilities. She is a member of WESOS (Women Entrepreneurs Secret of Success) and a member of Toastmasters.


What caused you to start your business MiFun Video?

MiFun is a play on word for iPad. It’s a catchy name for her business but not too many people get it. Wanda decided to take an early retirement from Nestle. She purchased her first iPad when her mother-in-law went into an assisted facility. Wanda saw a need at the assisted facility at that time because there wasn’t much for the residents to do as far as activities were concerned.  She met a real cool guy named Louie who was a great storyteller so she recorded him with her iPad. She also got photos of his family and integrated them in the video and made a nice package for his family. The family loved it and Wanda loved doing it so that’s how MiFun Video was born.


How long have you been in business?

Wanda had been doing some version of this for 3 years but the current business she is in she has been a doing it for 2 years.


What advice would you give to a woman who wants to escape the corporate world but is afraid to do it?

Ask for support from your spouse and your friends and family because you’re going to need it. Don’t think that a personal business will be anything like a corporate business. The focus is very different.  Put your focus on building a network and remember that people and not companies are who you will be working with going forward. Wanda had to learn these things the hard way. Just having business cards and a website will not bring you customers. You have to get out and do all of the work yourself for your business to get known and established. Talk to as many people as you can because people will want to help you and give you great ideas. Remember, you are your brand. For someone who wants to change your life, don’t give up too quickly. Believe in yourself!!


What do you do for fun?

Wanda loves to play with her grandchildren. Some of her loves are video and photo. She likes to make family videos. In her spare time she loves to watch Netflix. She also loves to hang out with her husband and taking long walks around their neighborhood. Bike riding is another one of the things that Wanda does for fun.


What are you most passionate about in life?

Wanda is trying to change her life and she’s done a pretty good job of it. Wanda is staying  positive and helps influence others in a positive way to change her focus from just her to helping other people.


What is your favorite charity or cause and why?

Wanda is currently working on a project to benefit Alzheimer’s sufferers. Wanda knows what’s it like first hand to have someone suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Her grandmother is currently suffering from a form of dementia. She wants to make a difference to ease the pain of people who are suffering with this disease and one day hope that there will be some form of cure so people and their families will no longer have to suffer from this horrible time robber.


Where can people go to connect with you?

You can visit her website http://www.MiFunvideo.com. You can also find her on LinkedIn at Wanda Schlefly and Facebook.  You will need to get to know Wanda to connect with her on Facebook. She only connects with people that she knows. So check out her website, friend her on LinkedIn and get to know her so you can become friends with her on Facebook.



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